Financial Re-engineering

With our established local knowledge and experienced consultants, SmartHead, through its Financial Services, offers specialist legal, investment management and financial consulting services to enterprises with an eye on India and other emerging markets.

The portfolio of services at SmartHead includes financial restructuring and re-engineering, mergers and integration of accounts, pre-IPO diligence, bank & PE fund raising, financial planning, compliance audits and negotiations. We also assist clients in company valuation, strategic investments and joint ventures.

Our high-quality consultancy services ride on a team of highly experienced and successful finance and market specialists who have individually also delivered a number of financial engagements and transactions in the past.

Our unique value proposition sits on our proprietary SaralSamadhan framework that allows us to offer our clients a range of comprehensive and practical solutions aimed at value creation and wealth.

Here’s more on all our finance and legal capabilities:

  • Financial re-engineering and structuring: SmartHead’s team of experts working with clients on their financial structures to address growth needs, efficient tax planning while keeping in-line with all prevailing regulatory compliances
  • Fund raising (Banks/PE/IPO): Facilitating effective fund raising by helping identify the right investors, support in creating IMs and documentation while safeguarding owner’s interest
  • Integration of accounts: Advising clients on efficient tax planning and management, accounting harmonization for successful integration of financial books following a merger or an acquisition
  • Internal controls and compliance: Helping define a financial authorization matrix, set up systems and checks to drive statutory compliance, including documentation support
  • Investment management: Providing support and advice on the optimum utilization of funds for increasing profitability of the enterprise by helping, release working capital locked in receivables, payables and inventory