International Markets

Emerging Market

Get ready for a new economic order. In the world 15 years from now, emerging markets will rule the roost. The consistently high growth trajectories achieved by continental size economies of China and India have shifted the centre of gravity of global economic power from the trans-Atlantic to Asia. Asia’s share of global output was 16% in 1950. It was 34% in 1998, and is expected to rise to 44% by 2030.

The opportunities these emerging nations provide are huge, but, issues such as market volatility, changing regulations, underdeveloped financial markets and cross-border complexities can create heightened sense of uncertainty and add noise to the chatter. What we need is several hands at the helm, working in tandem. SmartHead consultants’ vast knowledge and more than 25 years of hands-on experience in these emerging markets will help you navigate those waters for benefit of your business.

Our seasoned consultants will work with you to identify right market opportunities and implement right strategies to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Through a sustained focus on operational effectiveness, right location strategy, strategic merger and/or acquisitions and raising performance by working on people and culture that aligns to greater organizational needs, we address your most complex issues with crystal-clear insights.