People Management

SmartHead offers bespoke Human resource advisory services and solutions that help businesses get the best from their people.

Our specialist offering People Management Practice include psychometric evaluation & analysis, job evaluation using SmartGrade and succession planning. Here is more on our people management capabilities:

  • Organizational Restructuring: Developing organization structures that align and converge organization goals with individual competencies while focusing on resource optimization and productivity enhancement
  • Job Analysis: Help define objectives and roles of each position in the organization to enable right fitment based on competencies and cost
  • Performance Management System: Helping build a transparent and practical performance evaluation process that assists client organizations (a) assess competencies (b) identify high potential (c) identify development needs of individuals (d) build reward systems
  • HR Operations and Compliance Audit: Assessing the HR function across key elements of human resource management
  • Training and Career Development: Creating customized career growth ladder for organizations to enhance employee engagement and employee satisfaction.
  • Compensation, Benefits and Retention: Collaborating with organizations to design and implement market-and-competency-based pay, reward structures, incentive and retention plans
  • Talent Acquisition: Finding innovative ways to fill the gaps with right skills at the right time at the right cost, apart from talent augmentation that addresses growth and diversification
  • Define / Review HR Policies & People Management practices: Looking at various policies including leave, travel, statutory compliances, Office discipline, define templates & formats in line with the business requirements