Strategy and Operations

One of the great modern challenges for organizations is being able to consistently find the right balance between reducing costs and expanding the top line via enhanced business processes and operations. SmartHead partners with its clients to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative change by helping them lower overall operating costs and finding unique methods to invest in business growth.

We combine a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches based on our proprietary SaralSamadhan™ Framework to generate insights for our clients that tells them the best way forward in a particular market or in a certain client environment.

Our Strategy and Operations Practice offers the following services:

  • Aligning Vision with Business Plan: Facilitating translation of vision into a realistic Business plan
  • Develop & Implement Market Strategy: Working closely with clients to understand the markets, customers, competition, products and services in order to address the changing market needs, retaining or increasing market share, exploring new markets and broadening product portfolios
  • Merger, Acquisition & Alliances: Assisting in the identification and evaluation of collaborative strategies, drafting of agreements for JV alliances, representations, technology licensing, mergers and acquisitions
  • Manufacturing Strategy: Preparing and supporting execution of manufacturing strategy including location identification, supply chain & procurement planning, implementation of lean management practices and business process automation
  • Cost Optimization: Identifying various ways of cost control and optimizing fixed & variable expenses to maintain competitiveness
  • Business Risk & Conflict Management: Studying to identify ‘Upside & Downside’ risks emerging from changing markets, products, competition, financial management, organization & people and internal conflicts to create Lines of Defense to mitigate such risks