Dr T. Jai Mangal

Industry Consultant (Chemicals)

With a career spanning three decades, Dr T. Jai Mangal is our expert in Basic and Applied Research & Development with special emphasis on Green Chemistry, Self sustainable Eco-Friendly technologies.

He has done strategic planning for upgrading technology of several companies for manufacture of value added molecules with minimum investment for several companies in India and abroad.

He has supervised major projects in the field of Acrylic Monomers, Synthetic Resins and Bio-Polymers for various applications. Dr. Jai Mangal has also closely worked with several Global companies for development of specialty resins.

Dr. Jai Mangal has published over 35 papers in various prestigious international journals and holds 2 Indian Patents. He also received NRDC Invention award for development of Plastics for Aerospace applications.

Dr. Jai Mangal is an alumnus of IIT Delhi where he earned his doctorate colours.